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LYBUNT Love: Maximizing Year-End Giving

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

It’s year-end giving time. Do you know who your LYBUNTs are? Now is the time to show them some love!

Remember, while your fiscal year may start in July or September, your donors are likely basing their giving on the calendar year.

Here are three things you should be doing right now to maximize year-end giving.

  1. Pull your LYBUNT list. (LYBUNT is an acroynym for a donor who gave Last Year But Unfortunately Not This year)

  2. Reach out to LYBUNTs. Call or email those generous individuals, and do it in the weeks leading up to your annual appeal. An authentic, personalized expression of gratitude that is not a response to a gift reminds your donors that they enjoy being a part of your mission. Some ideas for sentiments to include in your outreach:

    1. Consider referencing how many years these individuals have given.

    2. Showcase the cumulative impact of that support. How has your donor’s support contributed to your organization’s current success, stability, and impact?

    3. Ask your donor what inspired them to begin supporting your organization.

  3. Send your year-end appeal(s). It’s tempting to think of our appeals operating in a vacuum, but we should always bring it back to the relationships our donors have with our mission. Warm touches before a solicitation message always lead to stronger results.

Good luck to all in this busy season!

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